So art, has to be by far, my favorite thing in the entire world. More than makeup & clothes. More than cotton candy. It's literally the force that connects EVERYTHING beautiful in our lives. I can't even begin to explain. Drawing, painting, anything creative like that is such therapy for me, so calming and freeing and amazing in every way. I've decided to pay tribute to some artists who really inspire me and share with you guys some of their terrific work and where to find it. First up on my list is the friggin awesome Jane Mai

and guess what else she's one of the funniest people i follow on twitter so maybe do that too HERE
she also has a tumblr

all in all jane i hope you don't think i am a creep for making a worship post to you as an artist but you are just STELLAR and I want everyone to know. xxo

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  1. ohh thanks for sharing this! i saw the bulbasaur picture on tumblr and loved it but i didn't know who created it


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