Some little things..

I recently purchased a few things I just wanted to share with you guys, and let you know my thoughts.. Firstly, my hair is on the fine side so I try not to wash it every day to preserve some volume and body, hence my need for dry-shampoo. A friend recently recommended the Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Shampoo and for only like $9 I figured it was worth a shot.
I will warn you dark-haired beauties like myself, this product does come out on the lighter side. But I found with brushing it through with a lightly dampened comb gets rid of the whiteness and doesn't leave my hair looking dull. So far, I like this product a lot. It really does the trick in making my hair look, feel and smell clean, even though it's not. It also doesn't feel heavy or sticky in my hair like some dry shampoos do. I got this at Target for those interested.

 Next up I made my monthly (ha, at least) stop to Ulta and grabbed some NYX products that were buy one get one half price. These are just the lippies I grabbed. From Left to right the swatches are Soft Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm, Mega Shine Lipgloss in Plush Red and Sweet Heart, and NYX Lipliner Pencil in Nude Beige and Natural.
 Here are some swatches without flash on the right, and with flash, left. The colors are all really nice of these products but I am not CRAZY about any of them to be honest. I love love love how the Matte Lipcream looks on my skin and it makes my lips velvety smooth, but the wear time is really short and it smudges around a lot. The lipgloss in Plush Red is probably my favorite, I wear it over the top of red lined lips or red lipsticks, makes it really pop. The lipgloss in Sweet Heart is a nice nude color but has a bit of frost that I am not too fond of, but nothing that is extremely noticeable. These glosses have an amazing scent, like smarties or something! The liners also work pretty well, but I feel as though my MAC lip liners apply a bit easier without pressing hard.

 My boyfriend and I went to Toronto last weekend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! These were some amazing fashion books I found in this really cute bookstore while we were up there. And lastly, I 'll leave you with a doodle I did at work of my friend Sydney. Check out her blog! http://stellakittyflorence.blogspot.com

xox- Chelsea

Killer Shoes

 Can I have them ? Please? I promise I'll look like a bad-ass while wearing them. A Mia Wallace-babydoll-seductress. The Gilda shoe by Lauren Marinis in Burgundy Suede, $250.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III

Just kidding!!! This is the Book of Shadows Vol. III Redux palette, it is only like a bit over a year old I believe and is limited edition. The colors are still amazing nonetheless. And I got it for a really reasonable price, of $35 at Ulta, so it was worth it to me. My Naked/Naked 2 palettes are literally holy grail can't live without them items so I know these colors will live up to the quality of other Urban Decay products. I am glad to have expanded my palette though, I don't have too many crazy shades outside of neutrals. When you break it down, each individual UD eyeshadow normally retails for $18 a pan! This set came with 16 colors for a fraction of that price, as well as a travel size Primer Potion and a black 24/7 Glide on Pencil, also worth $19. Anyway- here are the photos.

Left to Right: 
Oil Slick- smoky black with powdery consistency, quite a lot of fallout and medium pigmentation, good for layering. Fine glitter finish. Not truly dark black.
Uzi- My least favorite of the bunch. Extremely glittery which leads to lots of fallout, not very white as it looks in the pan, more of sheer glitter. Maybe would look good over other colors. Pretty sure it's discontinued now anyway.
Stray Dog- a really rich and smooth taupe color, very light shimmer, subtle pinkish undertones.
Mildew- nicely textured, shimmery moss colour. Hint of golden undertone, very wearable.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again- large glitter, large fallout. Slightly similar to Stila Kitten but with way more shimmer. Perhaps would apply better wet. Still a pretty beige/champagne color.
SWF- extremely pigmented, cool frosted pink. Shimmer is pretty noticeable, smooth texture.
Last Call- a rich, bold plum color with great payoff. Red undertones, buttery consistency.
Rockstar- "Deep Aubergine", a dark, smoky purple with reddish shimmer undertones and good dimension.

Left to Right: 
Haight- a frosted bluish-teal, on the murky side, with medium pigmentation. Gorgeous color.
Maui Wowie- a khaki/goldish shde with silvery-gold shimmer, reminds me of bubbly champagne! Beware fallout though, seems like a glitterbomb.
Aquarius- a buttery, frosted, pale aqua/greenish color with beautiful payoff. Something a water nymph would wear.
Smog- little fallout, pigmented and metallic, nice cocktail of bronze, gold and brown.

Goddess- quite pigmented but chalky texture, a dark, shimmery, midnight blue. Would probably use wet, and not without primer.
Sin- silky formulation and blends amazing. Good to use as hilighter, or even base color. Shimmery nude with pink.
YDK- a cocoa, silvery taupe, smooth texture, glitter/shimmer with a cool tone.
Ecstacy- moderate pigmentation, definitely buildable. An iridescent and vibrant violet with pink undertones.

Wildfox Resort 12/13

They've done it again! Wildfox is constantly inspiring me as well as my artwork. Their shoots are always so amazing. Check this one out, Granny's Closet.... makes me wana look like an old little cat lady everyday. Or wait, do I already?

i mean who knew long silver grey locks could look so chic? i will forever faithfully continue wearing my baby pink lips into the fall and winter and infinity and beyond no matter what colors are in for the season and i also solemnly swear to learn how to knit. BOOM. On another note, we're in the midst of a mercury retrograde! Make the most of this cosmic period and take advantage of the positive side. It's a chance to look over your current life and revise it, revamp our connection with reality. Check out Audrey Kitching's advice for surviving and taking advantage of this opportunity! Alphalifetrends.com describes it as "Mercury itself rules how we think, we will be adjusting everything related to thoughts, concepts, ideas, and communication, especially how technology and material elements play a part in the physical manifestation of ideas." The mercury retrograde can be viewed as a "re-routing" of our lives, picture like a GPS, when you go off course, it re-routes you to your destined path, even if you do not know which way you are heading or the path ahead, you end up where you're meant to be. Amazing.
On a materialistic note, my microlink extensions have been ordered and hopefully will arrive and be installed by next week! I will definitely be reviewing them and giving my first impressions. Wish me luck. xx