Mini Fall Haul

So I went shopping about a week or two ago and just grabbed some things to add to my fall wardrobe! I really like pops of color with more structured items, and as you can see I ended up getting a color scheme going on in my shopping trip, unintentionally. Hot pink, black, denim and golds. The black studded blouse is from Charlotte Russe for about $22, as is the pink blazer, for about $25. They also give you a 10% student discount there! The far left pink pants and far right black pants are both from H&M for a steal of $12 each! They are awesome colors and high-waisted, pocketless, with a side zip. I got a "sock bun" accessory from there too for about $5, and the skinny cheetah print braided belt for I think $10. The denim studded shirt is from Forever 21 for only $22, it's really thick and comfy and well made, surprisingly! I also grabbed a couple pairs of earrings from there for cheap. Below I posted a few links to similar pieces that you can order online or keep an eye out for things like this in stores if you like the style! Fall is the best time of year for fashion. What are some of your pre-fall essentials?

Blazers// Left: Botique to You Right: Rag & Bone Studded Collars// Left: Denim sleeveless River Island Right: Sheer Black Vero Moda

Claw Boot Lust

These boots are just one of the many items I am currently lusting over! How amazing are they? But sadly, sold out, and also a bit out of my price range at the moment. You can check them out at Friend of Mine as well as the other awesome shit they have on there, and sigh, moan and weep over them with me simultaneously. They also come in white ;)

Nail Polish Obsession

Okay so if you're anything like me... you LOVE nail polish. I currently have over 70 colors and counting. It's a sick and scary obsession. I literally cannot enter a drug store or any store carrying nail varnish without buying at least one, I'm serious. So after much experimentation and use of all different brands, I can tell you my personal opinion on each brand. Now this might vary from user to user, but this is just how I feel about these polishes.

OPI: By far, my favorite brand. Colors are always on point, drying usually as they do in the bottle. The brush is the perfect size for my nails and the formula goes on smooth, usually requiring maximum of 2 coats, usually more like one. runs about $8-$10 a bottle usually, but the Nicole by OPI polishes work just as well and are a bit cheaper! You can get those at Walmart even.
Revlon: My second favorite! Revlon brand nail polishes are cheap, only like $3-$4 at drugstores, which is amazing. The colors are usually true to bottle, and this goes on even smoother than OPI, I think. Really easy application, but usually takes two coats. Doesn't chip quickly with a top coat !! Really worth it for the price, and bottles are fairly large with a lot of polish. Some colors are a bit ~mature~ for my taste but there are a lot of fun and bright ones, and some metallics and glitter which are cool!
Essie: Now, don't get me wrong, Essie has some of THE best shades out there. And the names are so cute and clever. BUT I absolutely hate the brushes, they're way too fat, and the formula becomes quickly goopy and thick. Yuck! For the price, I guess it's worth buying one now and then for a cool color, but Essie also chips at rapid speed. Paint your nails the day you want that color to be shown, because by the next day or two they will have started to chip.
American Apparel: YUCK. HORRIBLE. First time using these, they work okay, pretty nice color selection too. But after the bottle is opened, forget about it. So gloopy and thick and gross. I can't even be bothered anymore.
China Glaze: I like to choose this polish when I get a manicure because I feel like it lasts longest besides OPI.. but the colors aren't always true to what they seem in the bottle which is disappointing sometimes. Brush applicator is okay, works fine for natural nails mostly.
Ulta: Good price... not the best formula. Chips easily and requires multiple coats. Some cool colors for cheap.

So yup! That's all I could think to list for now..These pictures shown are just a few of my latest nail-do's. I'll try and remember what shades I used?

Top Left: Essie's Bikini So Teeny Top Right: Revlon 310 Timeless, Revlon 919 Black Lingerie, American Apparel in Office, Sally Girl in White
Left: Essie Mojito Madness and Revlon 925 Gold Coin Right: Revlon 919 Black Lingerie, Revlon 640 Fearless and Sally Girl Gold Large Glitter Top Coat
Left: The tan part is American Apparel California Trooper Right: Cosmic nails used Revlon 919 Black Lingerie, China Glaze Pink Voltage, OPI Not Like the Movies, China Glaze For Audrey and various glitter top coats.

What are your favorite nail polish brands? Colors? Also.. if anyone would be interested in nail art tutorials, I might post a few! xox Chelsea