Relocated: NorCal Living!

 The past couple months have been SO crazy, as I just picked up and drove across the country with my boyfriend, and I am now a proud resident of the East San Francisco Bay, California. Well, not legitimately a resident because I still haven't even gone to the DMV to change my license and address etc. etc..... I hate lines! I hate waiting! Did I mention that? Anyway, I really have been loving living here for the most part, although I miss my family and my cat way too much. Oh and I miss fatty, delicious, guilt-filled foods that reside only in Buffalo. The food here sucks, pretty much. Too much "asian-infusion" everywhere... and who puts Tabasco on chicken wings???! A literal crime.

So here are a couple photos of our trip across the great US of A...... verdict is Kansas is the most boring, flat, mundane state, with Utah as a close second, only saved by some pretty mountains and SLC. Colorado was absolutely breathtaking though... and doing the trip with my Cory was amazing and something not many people have the opportunity to do!

So here we are at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, so awesome here.