Some little things..

I recently purchased a few things I just wanted to share with you guys, and let you know my thoughts.. Firstly, my hair is on the fine side so I try not to wash it every day to preserve some volume and body, hence my need for dry-shampoo. A friend recently recommended the Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Shampoo and for only like $9 I figured it was worth a shot.
I will warn you dark-haired beauties like myself, this product does come out on the lighter side. But I found with brushing it through with a lightly dampened comb gets rid of the whiteness and doesn't leave my hair looking dull. So far, I like this product a lot. It really does the trick in making my hair look, feel and smell clean, even though it's not. It also doesn't feel heavy or sticky in my hair like some dry shampoos do. I got this at Target for those interested.

 Next up I made my monthly (ha, at least) stop to Ulta and grabbed some NYX products that were buy one get one half price. These are just the lippies I grabbed. From Left to right the swatches are Soft Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm, Mega Shine Lipgloss in Plush Red and Sweet Heart, and NYX Lipliner Pencil in Nude Beige and Natural.
 Here are some swatches without flash on the right, and with flash, left. The colors are all really nice of these products but I am not CRAZY about any of them to be honest. I love love love how the Matte Lipcream looks on my skin and it makes my lips velvety smooth, but the wear time is really short and it smudges around a lot. The lipgloss in Plush Red is probably my favorite, I wear it over the top of red lined lips or red lipsticks, makes it really pop. The lipgloss in Sweet Heart is a nice nude color but has a bit of frost that I am not too fond of, but nothing that is extremely noticeable. These glosses have an amazing scent, like smarties or something! The liners also work pretty well, but I feel as though my MAC lip liners apply a bit easier without pressing hard.

 My boyfriend and I went to Toronto last weekend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! These were some amazing fashion books I found in this really cute bookstore while we were up there. And lastly, I 'll leave you with a doodle I did at work of my friend Sydney. Check out her blog! http://stellakittyflorence.blogspot.com

xox- Chelsea


  1. You're such a great artist! That doodle is amazing. And the bookstore looks like a lot of fun!

    xx Ellie

    1. Thank you! It was really a cute place xx

  2. This is such a nice post! Your photos are so nice, and your doodle is really stunning. I really like your blog! xx

    1. Aw thank you! <3 Followed yours as well


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