Steal My Style! #1

So I recently have been a bit naughty and have purchased way too many things for myself. But hey, I'm adding to my fall wardrobe, right? Plus I had a 20% off one item coupon to use at H&M... and uh.. uh.. that's really my only logical reasoning. So anyway, I thought maybe a few of you would be interested in some of my choices to add to your fall wardrobe!
So here are some instagram shots of my most recent purchases (like in the last week). The sheer peach/black blouse is from Forever 21, as is the necklace, the leather bomber jacket, and metallic powder blue sweater. The metallic gold shirt, the gloves and the hat are from H&M. I will do a seperate post reviewing and just crying over how beautiful and amazing my MAC x Marilyn Monroe Products are! But there's a quick snap of what I got.
 So online, I found the original link for the gloves and necklace I got, they're the exact items I have! I am sure these styles are everywhere though, so you can really vary where you get them. The wool/faux leather detailed gloves are warm enough for the chilly fall and chic enough to have me looking pretty and proper with those little bows and classic fit. I purchased them at H&M. To be honest, I really want to go back for the coral color too! Or green.. or camel.. or all of them. The necklace is an awesome arrangement of different size gold chains and a black satiny fabric woven through them from Forever 21. It's quite sturdy and heavy too, not cheap looking but very cheap in price! Although my hat is from H&M and has these lovely little gold leaf charms on it, there was a really similar one listed on Nasty Gal if you can't find it in stores yourself! Blogger Melanie from Style to Stage has a whole post with beautiful pictures of her wearing the hat here!! And finally my new OBSESSION is any knit with some metallics in it! Flecked, sewn, stitched, coated, I love me some sparkle. My sweater is from the Forever 21 Love 21 Contemporary section, but this amazing chunky, sandy colored one is by Rag & Bone. So there you have it! A start to my fall wardrobe selections... What are you counting on as your autumn wardrobe staples this year? And for good measure... here's two of my nails of the week shots! Follow me on instagram: harlotstarlet
Left is Revlon in Fearless and right is OPI "Get Me To The Taj On Time" with a layer of Essie "Stroke of Brilliance" over the top!

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