My Week in Photos!!!

So here's a little update on my life this past week! I went to Oktoberfest for a night with a group of my friends for some fall fun and drinks. Here I am with my fabulous man Mitch and some of our pre-party cocktail choices. Cory (my boyfriend) and I decided to carve a pumpkin a bit early in the season.... but we really wanted the seeds! It was a lot of fun, and we made it into THE COON!! Southpark fans, anyone? Next up is a little sketch I did while watching The Vampire Diaries premiere!! (Also watched The Walking Dead premiere this week, and the new Dexter episode. Would anyone be interested in my thoughts on different series new episodes? I react quite outwardly on twitter about new eps! ) Perhaps I will start doing some posts.. Anyway, aren't those little rings so cute! Both of them were a total of $2.80 at Forever 21! Me wearing Charmed, I'm Sure MACxMarilyn collection lipstick, and a cute Popeye/Olive Oil shirt! Cory joined my family and I to go to the chilli fest sunday and there was a free photobooth we took silly pictures in, it was cute and fun but he HATES pictures, haha. Then we took our pitt Molson to the park where he practiced his dancing! He just can jump, like, really high. So yep, there's the fun parts of my week.. none of that stuff about WORK :( which I seem to be doing so much  of!! I need to crack down on getting some money saved up though... which means less hauling. Oh well. You can follow me on instagram @harlotstarlet

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