Boots Haul from Ireland!

So basically, I have the best mother in the world and she brought me back some goodies from Boots during her trip to Ireland! I thought I would share with you all what they are, and my first impressions.

Firsty were these 5 ModelsOwn nail polishes! What an array of color she got me. I have only used the pink one so far but I can't wait to try out the others soon! In order from left to right they are Pastel Pink NP033, Snowflakes NP145, Purple Imperial NP131, Dancing Queen NP142, and lastly a hedkandi one in Hedonist HK05! What are your favorite colors of ModelsOwn polishes?
And some stuff from Soap & Glory! Now I know Sephora sells the body care line here in the US but it is significantly more expensive, and we don't have any of the cosmetics! I've really been wanting to try these products out since I've seen so many of you UK bloggers like milkteef and I think beautycrush mention them! The Pulp Friction body scrub smells delish and really foams up in the shower! I love exfoliating things so this was really a nice first experience with the shower scrubs.
SMOOCH OPERATOR Lip Butter is literally amazing. This is a nicely packaged lip butter with a smooth application and a phenomenal smell! It smells like coconuts and a tropical shower and like, vacation all in just one whiff. It isn't sticky, but remains on for a good period of time. Doesn't taste bad either! The flavor on the box says "Coconut Ice", and it contains wild mango, vitamin E & argan oil to really moisturize and protect your dry lips.
This GLOW JOB moisturizer is pretty amazing. It comes out of the bottle as a white lotion with tiny little beads in it. Once you begin massaging it into your face, the beads break into little bronzing spurts! You have to be careful to rub it in really thoroughly or you will end up with a brown streak on your skin, but it's still easily blended in even as an afterthought. For me, who has naturally pretty pale and freckled skin, this moisturizer is great so far! It gives me a nice glow without looking orange, and a good base for before I apply my makeup. The moisture level is light-weight so it does the trick fixing up my dry spots but doesn't feel heavy on my skin.

Lastly this KICK ASS CONCEALER was given to me! It has a 3 step packaging which is really clever and gorgeous if you ask me. My eyes would obviously be attracted to this in the shop.
Step one and two are the under-eye brightening concealer and Superwear face concealer, which are sealed lastly with step three,  Insta-fix sealing powder. I used this product on a cheek blemish this morning and it still is nicely covered about 4 hours later.. the concealers take a bit more careful blending than I need to do with my Lorac or Rimmel concealers, but the result is nice in the end.

So yes, thanks mom! Overall, I am super happy with these gifts and my first impressions. Any products from the UK or Europe you recommend?? *All these products were purchased by my mother for my personal use with no influence from the companies*


  1. Just found you through the beauty bloggers blog hop and you have a beautiful blog! When I lived in the UK I always wanted to try the Soap and Glory concealer but I never got around to it! Following you now, feel free to stop by my blog, say hello and enter my giveaway!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

  2. Glow Job looks awesome - I have the concealor too, and I think it is ok. Luckily in the UK we have Collec tion Long Lasting Perfection Concealor - its amazing, try and grab it if you can!


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