First Impression: Royal Care Cosmetics Brushes

Today I'm excited to be reviewing this brush set from Royal Care Cosmetics for you all. I honestly find brushes to be such a crucial part of my makeup routine, and I'm always eager to try out new brands and types of brushes, and find out what incorporates best into my regime. Brushes work differently for everyone, and many of them have multiple uses. I just am mind blown when I hear some people say they never even use brushes, or they only have one, or that they just use the little sponge tip applicator that comes with their product. Sorry, but yuck. If that routine works for you then you're so lucky... but the results you can achieve with the right tools will be so much further advanced than you would have ever imagined you were capable of!

I'd like to start off by saying that these brushes are not THE BEST brushes, but for the cost, they are an above average quality and really do get the job done at an affordable price. These are really quite comparable to Sigma or Sedona Lace, with a few discrepancies. For beginners, I really would reccommend this brand as you get used to the functions and uses of each type of brush, rather than spending over $100 on your first set. This particular set was a 12-piece brush kit that cost me $17.95 + shipping on Amazon.

The packaging of these brushes is really nice. They are a long enough handle for nice control, and feel weighted enough and sturdy enough for wear and tear. They are a matte black with a silver top. I did notice a *few* stray bristles on some of the brushes, but after the first wash, they lost minimal hair and I did not notice shedding again. The density is nice overall, not as thick as some of my MAC or even Real Techniques brushes, but again, they get the job done better than many other brushes I have tried.  I do wish that the set came with some labeling of the brushes, naming or numbering them rather than just the logo on the handle.

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 These are the "eye" brushes I feel I'll get the most use out of. I can never have enough angled brushes for doing my brows. This one is on the thicker side, but fills my brows in quickly and evenly.  This mini blending brush was one of the more scraggly-haired brushes, but it got into my crease really nice for detailed blending. The flat shader brush is SUPER soft, but I noticed it didn't pick up product as well as I would like, but perhaps it was the eye shadow I was using. I sprayed a bit of fix+ and it packed color on nicely. I am obsessed with this large blending/crease brush, it is really soft and thick, similar to the one that comes in the Naked 2 palette, really nice application. (Use a crease blush for a transition color, where your lid has a natural line when your eye is open, perfect for a natural smoky eye) Lastly is the angled shader, does the job. I did not picture a few other brushes including a concealer brush and a super mini detailer I thought I'd get less use out of.

The "face" brushes are amazing, honestly. The only thing I am missing is a flat top foundation or kabuki, but they have a different set available for purchase containing that. The flat foundation/concealer brush is nice and dense, and evenly spread out my undereye concealer, although I usually prefer my Beauty Blender for that. The powder brush is huge, and like velvet, it's so soft and fluffy. I've used it for setting powder but I think I might try it with my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder foundation.... The angled contour brush is really nice, gets a perfect swipe of contour into the hollows of my cheeks, but it is a bit on the rough side. And lastly the stippling brush, which could be a bit more dense, but I am not complaining. I used this with a cream NYX blush and I enjoyed the results.

Are you new to brushes? Would you like a more detailed description of how/when to use specific brushes in your makeup routine? Will you be checking out RC Cosmetics for a new set? Comment below or email me with questions. Xo Chelsea

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