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I don't know about you but I can remember the first time I ever heard MIA and watched her Galang video on repeat with my girlfriends for days straight. Then came Sunshowers and we would braid our hair in a bunch of little braids and wear tons of glitter under our eyes and pick flowers (weeds, mostly) and sprinkle them on the trampoline and jump around blasting it. This was BEFORE the Paper Planes era, sorry tweens, I am an old lady, and dare I say, quite hipster "I knew MIA before she was popular" (aka if you're under age 20 i'm sure Paper Planes is how you discovered her, which is fine, i'm glad you did!) Anyway she is just so freakin cool and always has been. Not only her music, but her style is killer and she's just an artist in every sense of the word..I'm sure now everyone's savvy on her extensive list of tracks (and if you aren't yet, do yourself a favor and listen to every song she's ever made!) and the [actual war] rebel girl-90's graphics-acid trip-tropical getaway feel of every video. I got overly excited to hear another new song from MIA, and a new album, I know this is going to be on repeat for a while... As Mindy Kaling said, "Bring the noize? More like bring the dance party!" The video is set to be released Friday, and I am guna watch it til my eyes bleed.

The illest trilliest bad bitch killesttt

Doesn't she just make you wana slap on some red lipstick, leave your hair uncombed and natural and wear some form of a gold headpiece at all times? I know my outfit goals for this week... patterns/on/patterns.

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