MAC Daddy's Little Girl and Boyfriend Stealer (Archie's Girls)

 At last! The long awaited limited edition collection has arrived at our doorsteps, for those of us beauty freaks who aren't VIP celebrity guru insiders just quite yet. The Archie's Girls collection just in time for Valentine's Day. Limited edition collections by MAC are something quite coveted by all beauty bloggers, but I try not to go too crazy unless I'm really wild about the actual PRODUCT not just the amazing cute wonderful packaging. In this particular case, both sides of it won, but I still remained responsible, purchasing only two lipsticks and one pearlmatte face powder (review to come). I will say though I might make a little trip to the MAC counter and pick up one more lippy from the Betty collection because they're just too good.

 Product pictures from the site-
left: Boyfriend Stealer (creamsheen) 
right: Daddy's Little Girl (satin)

One coat of Boyfriend Stealer, no flash.
 Swatch, no flash.
 Swatch, with flash.
So first up is Boyfriend Stealer, a deep wine/plum color with a sheer glossy finish. This really reminds me of a stain more than a regular lipstick. One quick coat of it doesn't really do the trick, it applies uneven as you can see, and sort of settles into the nooks and crannys. Layering this color and blotting it really has a nice pay off for a colour stain, and let me tell you, IT STAINS. This is not a color you will have to worry about fading off of your skin quickly. Perhaps a clear coat of gloss would look nice over the blotted color to even this vampy shade out if you aren't into the stained lip look. All in all, extremely wearable if you're willing to deal with application processes. A dupe for this would be Revlon's Va Va Violet.

One coat of Daddy's Little Girl, no flash.
 Swatch of Daddy's Little Girl, no flash.
Now THIS is a lipstick to go absolutely crazy over. It's PERFECT. I don't know how else to describe it. Daddy's Little Girl is a blue toned fuchsia/pink with a satin finish. It goes on so smooth and the color payoff is incredible. This is such a bright and happy color, perfect for day or night use, I can see myself creating a lot of looks paired with this lipstick. It also seems to be fairly long lasting, not as long as Boyfriend Stealer, but lasted me through a meal with just a light touch-up. I feel like this is a close match for Candy Yum Yum, and I will try and find dupes.
Both colors swatched once over next to each other.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I've been trying to get my hands on Daddy's Little Girl and I can't find it anywhere. So jealous. Hehe.

    Found your blog as you tweeted me earlier. Now following as it's absolutely fab.

    Louise x

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